Mission, vision and values


Nordic Perlite wants to be the market leader and supplier of high quality expanded Perlite in Europe.

We are dedicated to creating value and making a difference:

For our customers

By offering different types of expanded Perlite, high-quality knowledge and service, and hereby contribute to customer’s will have a future attractive and profitable basis of existence.

For our employees

By offering a good, flexible and well-functioning workplace that allows employees to develop and grow.


As market leader, we will be the serious, innovative and attractive partner within purchase, sale and use of Perlite.

Serious and trustworthy

Work reliably and effectively to develop long-term and value-adding customer relationships.


Through innovation and product development, develop value-adding products and solutions for the benefit of our customers and partners in general.

Creating value

Producing cost effective and environmental conscious Perlite of high quality that is delivered in a timely manner for the benefit of our customers


Attracting and retaining the best employees by offering exciting work, lots of challenges and good opportunities for development


Trustworthy and reliable

We comply with agreements. We are honest and loyal when working with our customers, our suppliers and our employees.


We respect individual differences and cultural differences.


We take pride in being flexible, fast and decision-making throughout our organization. We are proactive and ensure initiatives that make our customers and us adaptable and ready for the future


We are responsible at all levels and stand behind our products and the service we provide. We are cost conscious and efficient. We want to attract, develop and retain competent employees in all areas for the benefit of our company, suppliers and customers.

Customer focus

We emphasize understanding the customer and his needs and are eager to take an active part in developing the customer’s business through innovation and consulting. We thereby want to be a valued partner who makes a positive difference.