Micro Spheres- special round low weight filler.

The superlight mineral additive for use in a great number of industries.

Examples of good applications for Fillocell® can be seen below.

Paint Industries:

  • Thermal insulating coatings and colours
  • Anti sound coatings
  • Fire resistant
  • Coatings
  • Car surface protection etc

Building industries:

  • Plaster/Gypsum crack fillers
  • Light weight Mortars
  • Sandwich-panels
  • Putties

Chemical Industries:

  • Light weight composites made of Polyester.
  • Carpet Backing as a low weight filler in latex or other carpet backing material.
  • Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Industries

Average technical data – alumina silicate

Examples of good applications for Fillocell® can be seen below.

Chemical Analysis

SiO273 %
Al2O317 %
CaO1 %
K2O5 %
Na2O3 %
Other elementstraces
Surface moisture< 0,1 %
PH-value6,5 - 7,7
Free quartz fine< 1 ppm

Screen analysis

Particle sizeμm typical ………..0-1500-3000-500
Ø particle size avg.D [4.3]64 μ75 μ110 μ
typ. screen analysisD97 130 μ160 μ290 μ*)
D90108 μ127 μ217 μ
D7583 μ97 μ141 μ
D5060 μ69 μ85 μ
D2541 μ47 μ53 μ
D1028 μ31 μ32 μ
*)3-5 % larger than 500 μ

Physical data

bulk weightkg/m3135115115
bag weightkg13,512,012,0
pallet weight á 42 bagskg567504504
surface treatmenthydrophobicallypossible
melting point°C1260
A1 reaction to fire.= cannot burn
Cas No: 130885-09-5 INCI Name: Perlite