Supporting partition BD building part 30

95 mm EUROPEAN PERLITE, U-value = 0.40
Requirements in BR 95 & BR-S 98 t> (13) º CU = 0.40
Requirements for summer cottages U = 0.60
Class 1 cladding, 2 x 13 mm plaster board
Europerl Perlite 70 kg. m³ l D class 42 mW / m ° C
(DS 418.6 edition, Apr 2002)
45 x 95 mm posts
Class 1 cladding, 2 x 13 mm plaster board
Partition insulated with EUROPERL PERLITE
Partitions are insulated for fire and sound reduction. However, only if the partition faces an unheated room, there is a requirement for heat insulation.

Posts must have a dimension of 45 x 95 mm with c-c spacing 600 mm

The plaster board can be 2 x 13 mm with min. 150 mm staggered joints, or a 15 mm fire plaster board.

The plaster board is fastened with 29 & 41mm screws or nails per 200 mm along the plate edges and 300 mm along intermediate supports. If 2 plaster boards are used, the inner layer must be fastened with 10 screws per m2. All joints must be supported and shredded & spartlet.

This construction may also be certified as non-load bearing BD-60 partition wall.

With a cladding of 1 x 13 mm plasterboard + 1 x 15 mm on both sides, the design meets the requirements for a BD-60 bearing partition.

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